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The Editorial board accepts manuscripts in Croatian and English that have not been previously published. The manuscripts are submitted electronically.

The Editorial board has the right to adjust the manuscript according to the Journal's guidelines and linguistic standards of the language, namely Croatian or English. The manuscripts are reviewed by scientists and experts in certain fields, who also define the categorization of the manuscripts and decide if they are appropriate for publication. If the manuscript receives positive reviews, it will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

The Editorial board has the right to reject manuscripts. For more information refer to anita.jurica@veleknin.hr.


- Size: A4

- Margins: 2.5 cm

- Alignment: Justified  

- Font: Times New Roman

- Font size

- Font 14 – manuscript title

- Font 12 – body text, section and subsection headings

- Font 10 – footnotes

- Line spacing

- 1.5 in the body text

- 1 in the footnotes

- Sections

- Indent – 0.5 cm

The manuscript should be written in one column and sent in MS Word .docx format. The sections should be written consecutively and there is no need to insert page breaks. The Editorial board takes care of that.

- Page numbers

- Pages do not need to be numbered

- Section and subsection headings should be numbered

- The manuscript should not exceed 12000 characters with spaces (not including Abstract, Keywords, and References). Longer contributions are accepted under special circumstances. That decision is made by the Editorial board.  

- The manuscript is written in the PASSIVE VOICE


  1. The first page should include: the title of the manuscript in Croatian (regular script, bold, 14pt, center alignment) and in English (regular script, bold italic, 14pt, center alignment), name and surname of the author(s) (without degrees and titles), the name and the address of the author's institutional affiliation, and the author's email address (regular script, 12pt, center alignment). This should be followed a single blank line and the abstract.
  2. The abstract (in Croatian) should be between 100 and 250 words, and should include a short summary of the manuscript which clearly shows its purpose, the description of the research method and the results, and the conclusion (the word ‘Sažetak’ should be in bold, regular script, 12pt. The rest of the text should be in italics, regular script, 12pt, justified).
  3. Keywords (in Croatian) (3-6 words) which are important for quick identification and classification of the manuscript content are listed below the abstract (the words ‘Ključne riječi’ should be in bold, regular script, 12pt. The rest of the text should be in italics, regular script, 12pt, justified).
  4. Abstract - in English (the word 'Abstract' should be in bold, regular script, 12pt. The rest of the text should be in italics, regular script, 12pt, justified).
  5. Keywords – in English (the word 'Keywords' should be in bold, regular script, 12pt. The rest of the text should be in italics, regular script, 12pt, justified).
  6. Words in foreign languages – are written in parentheses and italics; e.g. (engl. Software), (ger. Netzwerk)
  7. Tables and figures (tables, pictures, photographs, drawings, and diagrams) should be prepared for black and white print (avoid shadowing, colors, etc.). The size and complexity should be adjusted to the format of the Journal (A4) in order for all the elements to be clearly visible. The tables and figures should be numbered without a period and the number and captions should be written above the content. The original source of the content should be written below it.

Example: Image 1 The display of tourism offer...     

When referring to tables and figures in the text, a cardinal number in parentheses should be used (image 1) (table 1). The same data should not be expressed in two or more forms: table and graph.

  1. Citations (referring to other texts, quoting papers) should be listed in the following way: a citation should be listed in the text, and not in the footnotes.

Citations should be in parentheses and should include the author's surname, the year of publication and in case of quotation, page number.

For example:

1) ONE AUTHOR – Business ethics consists of morally appropriate actions of a certain profession which refers to individuals (Krkač, 2007).

2) TWO OR THREE AUTHORS – Five principles of ethical power are: purpose, pride, patience, persistence and perspective (Blanchard and Peale, 1990).

3) MORE THAN 3 AUTHORS – After studying the works of other researchers who dealt with the existing problem, data collection and research instrument creation are initiated (Gutić et al., 2011).

4) THE SURNAME(S) OF THE AUTHOR(S) AS PART OF THE SENTENCE – According to Salamon and Anheier (1996) that sector includes a set of organizations with these five important characteristics...

5) SECONDARY SOURCES – use „as cited in“ – For authors who deal with this matter in Croatia sports tourism means „a special form of tourism with the prevailing amount of sport motifs for traveling and staying in certain tourist places and centers“ (Vukonić and Čavlek, 2001, as cited in Bartoluci et al., 2007).

6) QUOTE – „The beginning of modern tourism in Međimurje dates back to February 8th 1964, when Turističko društvo was founded in Čakovec. The president of the initiative board and the first elected president of the society was Đuro Benko” (Kalšan, 2006, p. 403).

All the citations in the text should be written as if mentioned for the first time, that is “ibid”, “op cit.” etc. should not be used. It is recommended that authors use notes only for commenting or complementing the main text. 

  1. References that are listed at the end of the manuscript should include complete information on all the sources that are mentioned in the citations. The sources are arranged in alphabetical order by the authors’ surnames and in chronological order in case more than one work of the same author was used. If several authors with the same year of publication are used as references, letters (a, b, c) should be added after the year of publication. There should be one list for all references (books, articles, internet sources, etc.).

References example:

Book or monograph:

  1. Surname and author’s name initial(s)
  2. Year of publication in parentheses
  3. Book title and subtitle (separated by a colon)
  4. Issue number (if not first)
  5. Place
  6. Publisher

Example 1:

Silobrčić, V. (2003). Kako sastaviti, objaviti i ocijeniti znanstveno djelo. 5. izd. Zagreb,

Medicinska naklada.

Example 2:

Sikavica, P.; Bahtijarević-Šiber, F.; Pološki Vokić, N. (2008). Temelji menadžmenta.

Zagreb, Školska knjiga.


Chapters or articles in books, or manuscripts in conference proceedings

  1. Surname and author’s name initial(s)
  2. Year of publication of the book or proceedings
  3. Title and subtitle of the chapter or the article in the book or the manuscript in proceedings (quotation marks!)
  4. Title of the book/proceedings (italics!)
  5. Surname and name of the editor of the book/proceedings (Ed(s).)
  6. Issue number (if not first!)
  7. Place
  8. Publisher
  9. Page range

Example 3:

Klarić, Z.; Gatti, P. (2006). „Ekoturizam“. In: Hrvatski turizam: plavo, bijelo, zeleno

(Eds. Sandra Čorak, Vesna Mikačić). Zagreb, Institut za turizam, pp. 149-164.


Manuscript or article in a journal

  1. Surname and author’s name initial(s)
  2. Year of publication of the journal
  3. Title and subtitle of the manuscript (quotation marks!)
  4. Title of the journal (italics!)
  5. Volume number
  6. Issue number
  7. Page range

Example 4:

Davies, E. (1997). „Learn by wire: managing network access to learning materials“, The electronic library, vol. 15(3), pp. 658-693.


Internet sources:

  1. Surname and author’s name initial(s) (if the author is known)
  2. The year when the article was written in parentheses (if known)
  3. Full title of the article – website.
  4. The correct source – URL of the source.
  5. Download date (in parentheses).

Example 5 (the author is known):

Košak, M. (2010). Otpad. http://zelena-akcija.hr/hr/programi/otpad-vise


Example 6 (the author is unknown):

IEEE- Advancing Technology for Humanity. http://www.ieee.org/index.html




Example 7:

Labor law. OG 149/09



Poster preparation
Contributions for the poster section should be sized 70x100 cm (width x height).


All participants of the conference must send their manuscripts to anita.jurica@veleknin.hr by November 1st 2022 in order for the review process to begin.




Presentation template is available on link.