About Knin

Knin is the city surrounded by nine mountains and beautiful lakes, which are called Sarena (Spotted Lakes) due to their marvelous colors, the city on seven rivers, famous for one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe – the River Krka, the city excelled by the mysterious Mountain Dinara, with the highest Croatian peak and the cradle of the magnificent Krcic Waterfall.

We are also proud to live beneath one of the most beautiful and largest medieval fortresses in Europe ruled by four Croatian kings a thousand years ago: Svetoslav, Drzislav, Dmitar Zvonimir and Petar Svacic. Over the centuries it has been occupied by the Hungarians, Turks, Venetians, French, Austrians, Italians and Germans.

The surrounding area also has many interesting things to offer. Except for natural sights, one should also pay attention to the historical ones, like the remains of the Roman military camp and a beautiful ancient Roman Amphitheater - the town of Burnum (today’s Ivosevci). It was built on the important border area of Dalmatae and Liburnae to ensure the peace of this part of Illyricum, and there was the camp of the 20th Roman legion.